Ash is a product of Maryland’s Public School system. He understands the importance of proper education and an appropriate school system means hiring, training, and retaining the best teachers. He will work to improve the school infrastructure, support initiatives for better programs, and offer after-school opportunities that help to bring in mentorships. Additionally, it is vital to have quality resources and better compensation for teachers, staff, and bus drivers since they play such an essential role within school systems.

Economic Growth

Ash believes in responsible economic growth in Anne Arundel County. To achieve this goal, the community must have a strong school system, reliable public transportation, and an exceptional workforce. During the pandemic, Ash understands that many businesses were impacted. He will work with these businesses to ensure they receive the assistance they need to continue to succeed. Furthermore, he will work to grow local businesses and help reduce the tax burden on residents.

Public Safety

Ash’s younger brother and cousins are police officers. He knows safety matters. Ash’s little brother has often told him that safety comes from trust and collaboration. This is how a safe and comfortable environment can be maintained for everyone. Ash believes that safety comes from enhancing training, community outreach, and services. It is imperative to work with the police department, fire department, and medical staff to help create a community of members that are willing and able to help each other.

Constituent Service

Ash believes that local officers do not matter unless they have the backing of their constituents. He wants to always be there to address any questions and concerns in a timely manner. He will make certain that he calls and visits frequently and is open to hearing how you would like to make this district better for not only today, but for the future.

Military Support

Ash has many friends and cousins who are in the military. He understands the sacrifices that not only the soldiers make but their families as well. District 4 is vital to the military because of their important missions at Fort Meade. Ash hopes to continue to support the military and the community in the best way possible.


The environment is one of the most important resources we have. The wellbeing of the environment is tied to the wellbeing of the community. Ash guarantees that he will seek ways to continue to heal and protect the environment and its natural resources. He will be a responsible steward of our significant and fragile natural resources and provide the necessary protection when needed.