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As our school board member, Raaheela has sponsored a number of progressive policies, resolutions, and amendments to improve our education system for students, staff and community. She has also advocated in our best interests through letters to leaders in the county and the state, and held numerous meetings and events, to gauge and serve the needs of our community. Below is a list of just some of those efforts!

Type Year Description
Resolution 2017 Protecting the rights of immigrants and Muslim students
Resolution 2017 Protecting the rights of transgender students
Resolution 2018 Commemorating Black Lives Matter Week of Action at Schools
Resolution 2019 Commemorating the month of Ramadan
Resolution 2019 Restoring lost employee pay
Resolution 2019 Commemorating Arab American Heritage Month
Resolution 2019 Adopting pilot community workforce agreements
Resolution 2020 Remove school resource officers from schools
Resolution 2020 Establishing financial literacy as a graduation course requirement for students
Resolution 2021 Commemorating Mental Health Action Day
Resolution 2021 Commemorating the month of Ramadan
Resolution 2021 Commemorating Black Lives Matter Week of Action at Schools
Policy 2019 Enabling the establishment of focus work groups of the Board to address particular areas of concern within the school district, like the School-Prison Pipeline, Climate Change Action, Science of Reading, English Language Learner Academic Achievement, etc.
Policy 2020 Detailing the process by which Board policies are developed, with keen attention to allowing more, structured community input
Policy 2021 Zero-Based Budgeting
Policy 2021 Indigenous People's Land Acknowledgement
Policy 2021 Inclusive Environments for LGBTQIA+ People
Policy 2021 Protect Our Students Proposal: a comprehensive list of amendments regarding police reform in the school district, including prohibiting student arrests from security oficers, ending MOUs with law enforcement, reducing the size of the security force, empaneling an oversight committee for student disciplinary matters, decriminalizing student behavior, increasing mental health support staff, and active data collection
Policy 2021 Including citizenship status as a protected class in our district policies
Policy 2021 Instructional Support & Innovation for English Language Learners: a comprehensive list of recommendations after leading a 6-month work group, including establishing a cultural & ethnic studies course as a graduation requirement for students, native lanuage instruction in core classes, building a teacher pipeline domestically and internationally, teacher training, data tracking, ESOL programs at each school, offering multiple alternative studies courses, etc.
Other 2017 Accomplishments from Year 1 on the Board
Other 2018 Appointment to the Resolutions Committee of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education
Other 2019 District 5 Boundary Task Force: a 100+ member strong group, co-led by Raaheela, to be oversee the re-zoning process, and recommend solutions that benefit the students and families of the community.
Other 2020 District 5 Student Leadership Council: a monthly meeting of 30+ student leaders, led by Raaheela, to provide a space for the learning and execution of systemic advocacy and activism
Letter 2018 To the superintendent advocating for a more transparent and community-inclusive principal selection process
Letter 2019 To the superintendent presenting community's solutions to pressing concerns in the areas of special education, building maintenance, and school transportation
Letter 2019 To the superintendent expressing disapproval of her proposed boundary changes proposed for Whitehall Elementary School
Letter 2021 To the State Board of Education issuing charges of removal against the appointed Board Chair
Letter 2021 To the Interagency Commission on School Construction, county executive and council regarding multi-million dollar cost saving budget amendments to the capital budget
Letter 2022 To the superintendent requesting community-driven changes to the school boundary re-zoning proposal on behalf of the District 5 Boundary Task Force
Joint Letter 2017 To the governor exercising concern over systemic grade fixing corruption in the school system
Joint Letter 2017 Rebuking the superintendent for near use-of-force against a Board member
Joint Letter 2018 To the county executive and council requesting funding for school heating and maintenance needs
Joint Letter 2019 To the superintendent requesting action against fraud, waste, and abuse in the school system
Joint Letter 2021 To the state superintendent expressing concerns over actions of the appointed local Board Chair unilaterally shutting down Board operations, and violating Board Policies & Bylaws
Joint Letter 2021 To the superintendent with questions around the abrupt return to virtual learning
Event 2017 Bowie High Turf Field Community Meeting
Event 2017 Rountable Series: to have solution-oriented conversations on three hot topics for our district: administrative leave, volunteerism and cell towers
Event 2017 Constituent Meeting: to discuss the graduation rate audit with members of the community
Event 2018 1st Annual Parent Leader Convening: a gathering of parent organization leaders from the district to share best practices and mingle with each other
Event 2018 School-to-Prison Pipeline Listening Session: to hear directly from students about the challenges they face, and develop an agenda to address them
Event 2018 Collington Station Education Update Forum: to discuss and answer questions as they relate to the school district
Event 2018 Woodmore Elementary Feasibility Study Group: participated with community members to inform the recommendation presented and passed to the Board of Education regarding the design and placement of a new Woodmore Elementary School
Event 2019 Kingford Community Meeting: to address culture and communication at Kingsford Elementary School
Event 2019 Tasker Town Hall Meeting: to address collaboration, compliance, culture and conduct at Benjamin Tasker Middle School
Event 2019 Patuxent Community Forum: to discuss the superintendent's proposal to rezone Patuxent Elementary school graduates from Kettering Middle School to James Madison Middle School
Event 2019 Student Shadow Day: a field trip for Bowie High School students to the Board of Education office building, to learn what it's like to be a school board member!
Event 2019 2nd Annual Parent Leader Convening: a gathering of parent leaders from the district to share concerns and identify solutions to pressing problems in the school district
Event 2019 Fairwood Neighborhood Meeting: to discuss and answer questions as they relate to the school district
Event 2020 Healing Circles: multiple circles over the course of months to help members of the community cope with mental health & the pandemic
Event 2020 3rd Annual Parent Leader Convening: a gathering of parent leaders to hear and learn from each other and identify solutions to district issues
Event 2021 Construction Town Hall: to explain the renovations to occur at the Bowie High School Annex, former Meadowbrook Elementary School and C. Elizabeth Reig Regional Center
Event 2021 Ugly Sweater & Sweets Event: to wind-down 2021 with community!
Event 2021 Back to School Community Meeting: to identify concerns around the re-opening of schools, and support the receipt of answers from the school district
Event 2021 End of the School Year Celebration: to celebrate the end of another tough school year, with community and partners!
Budget Amendment 2017 $500,000 to fund Advanced Placement exam fees for students
Budget Amendment 2017 $4.25 million to fund school maintenance needs
Budget Amendment 2019 $4 million for 21 school psychologists (including paid internships) and 18 social workers
Budget Amendment 2020 $80,000 for Welcoming Schools Training
Budget Amendment 2021 $70 million+ savings from administrative fees by establishing spending caps in the FY2023 capital budget
Budget Amendment 2021 $2.1 million to fund a workforce development program for high school students